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Generating value for all

By combining traditional insurance with a scientific backed wellness programme, Generali Vitality shapes a new category of insurance products. It gives rise to better health and value for customers, leading to a healthier society in general. This shared-value insurance model has shown great success and is already well established in the United Kingdom, United States and Asia. This demonstrates how Generali Vitality creates value for every stakeholder, including its members, partners, employers and distribution channels.



Through lifestyle-intervention tools and benefits, Generali Vitality motivates and supports members to reduce their health risks and enjoy the rewards of a healthy lifestyle.

Easily accessible benefits which ensure long-lasting motivation

Vitality leverages behavioural economics principles to empower members to live healthier and more rewarding lifestyles. One example being to discount the purchase of healthier food options. By doing this, members are rewarded today for eating and living healthier, and do not only enjoy the long term health benefits.

Reduced costs and appealing incentives

Reducing cost barriers to entry and providing appealing incentives enable Generali Vitality members to make and sustain healthier lifestyle choices. Members can enjoy savings on insurance costs and immediate benefits through generous discounts and rewards at partner stores as they improve their health.



Generali Vitality partners are carefully selected, based on effortless accessibility, appeal, brand attraction and retention – to create an appealing network of global players.

A larger customer base and increased revenue over the long term 

A partnership with Generali Vitality can have a positive impact on the partner’s revenue. Partners gain access to a new customer segment, an offering to attract more new customers and an incentive for current clients to increase their total spend.

Increased customer interaction and retention 

Vitality partners benefit from frequent contact and interaction with customers as the programme encourages continual use of the partners’ benefits. This results in increased customer loyalty and diverse potential of sales into the future.

Greater brand awareness and positive association of your brand

The partnership with Generali Vitality will further strengthen the partner’s brand as they will benefit from Generali Vitality’s exposure in Europe. The global Vitality brand has established itself as a leader in wellness, which will offer the partners the benefit of a positive brand association and an additional way to help make a difference in the lives of their customers.  



Generali Vitality offers benefits for both employers and employees.

How partnership with Generali Vitality will generate value for employers  

  • It is a tailored approach to corporate wellness.
  • Offering Generali Vitality proves that employers really care about their employees, leading to increased loyalty.
  • Smart solutions and support ensure simple implementation.
  • Actionable data and results allow informed decisions about employee health and wellness.
  • Improved efficiency through: reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and reduced health care claims and costs.

How partnership with Generali Vitality will generate value for employees

  • Wellness tools, health information and carefully selected partners increase. The wellbeing of employees
  • Interventions and real-time tracking help raise the general health level of a company.
  • Attractive rewards increase the motivation for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Team participation results in better outcomes for all


Financial Advisors

Generali Vitality provides advisors with an opportunity to offer existing and potential clients an industry-changing product, while having a real impact on the health of all their clients.

More selling and engagement opportunities

Generali Vitality offers a unique selling point and can change the image of insurance:

  • It’s an innovative product based on a smart technology
  • It’s unique, and no other insurer offers a similar product
  • It turns insurance into something that plays a role in everyday life
  • It offers frequent contact with customers
  • It offers diverse possibilities for cross-selling.

It offers corporate clients the ability to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism