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Engaging in Vitality is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Generali Vitality motivates members to live a healthier life. As they engage with the many activities in the programme, they earn Vitality points. The more Vitality points they earn, the higher their status – beginning with Bronze, then Silver, then Gold and finally Platinum. The higher their status, the higher the rewards offered by our partners.

It’s engaging.

  • Generali Vitality makes living a healthier life, such as eating healthily and exercising, easier and cheaper with access to a broad range of health and wellness partners at significantly reduced rates.
  • Generali Vitality helps people improve their long-term health through short-term achievable goals, where every step counts.
  • Everybody can participate, regardless of their current health- and fitness-level


It’s rewarding.

  • The different Vitality statuses encourage ongoing engagement regardless of how fit and healthy a member is.
  • Members can track their progress online and benefit from the rewards throughout their journey to a healthier life
  • The status-based programme suggests smaller goals over a shorter period and leads to tangible rewards.


 It’s sustainable.

  • Vitality messages and benefits are tailored to nudge members towards ongoing healthy behaviour and to ensure the greatest levels of engagement.
  • It’s easy to engage with benefits and partners and everyone earns points and rewards for getting healthier


It’s proven.

  • Leading academic institutions such as Harvard Business School, RAND Corporation, and Cambridge University have proven the programmes efficacy.
  • The results: improved clinical health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, increased productivity at work, and lower mortality and morbidity rates.